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Posted On: September 15, 2023
Last Day to Apply: October 02, 2023

Area Distribution Engineer Technician (ADET) 


Multiple Locations. Applicants MUST complete the linked survey to rank their location selection preferences.  

Salary Range: 

Qualified ADET Starting Salary: $$96,000 (up to $102,000 after two years)  - Salary Subject to an increase due to a recently ratified agreement.
Number of OpeningsUp to 40.
Estimated started date:  February 26, 2024 

General Accountabilities: 

  • Carry out Engineering Investigations for new customer connections and upgrades. 
  • Complete a Layout in accordance with current business practices and policies for forwarding to the Field Business Center. 
  • Prepare sketches and associated detail for water, rail and pipeline crossing for use by others. Meet with representative of telephone, cable TV companies, other utilities and government agencies and obtain reaction to proposed joint use agreements. 
  • Prepare and process billing authorization and permits, as necessary. 
  • Arrange and carry out the five-year check of joint use facilities. 
  • Process and maintain all area joint-use records. 
  • Carry out staking activities and prepare staking data. 
  • Make recommendations to supervisor or others on various technical aspects of the distribution system. 
  • Prepare and report job estimates including instruction order with activities, taking into consideration such variables as structures, spans, soil types, components, and work methods based on field observations and input from Supervisor. 
  • Negotiate property settlements related to the acquisition of easement rights, maintenance agreements related to tree cutting rights, purchases, and negotiate leases connected with Hydro One's power installations and distribution lines. 
  • Inspect ground conditions and negotiate settlements in terms of type of land and structures involved. 
  • Perform Registry Office or Land Titles Office searches. 
  • Prepare Property Report Form to cover each property. 
  • Investigate trouble calls and restore service or report problem to supervisor for action. Collect delinquent accounts and restoration of same upon payment of account. 
  • Prepare and maintain work schedules as directed by supervisor. 
  • Compare work accomplishments and costs of WO and programs with estimates. 
  • Perform voltage and current surveys and produce voltage profiles. Identify, through written and verbal communications and field contacts, distribution systems conditions which may have adverse effects on service to customers. Phase balancing: Determine loads and monitor current reading on the distribution system to ascertain load balance. 
  • Prepare instruction order for supervisor’s review and approval to balance system. 
  • Provide field data for engineering studies. 
  • Provide underground cable and fault locating service in the area with the assistance of line staff, as required. 
  • Operate necessary electronic equipment such as, cable locator, pulse generator, voltmeter, noise detector and other equipment to locate cables, faults or RI/TVI sources. Make arrangements for repair where required. 
  • Carry out routine meter changes and readings.  

Selection Criteria:  

Essential Knowledge: 

  • Requires knowledge of electrical distribution system theory including performance of distribution line and station operations, mathematics, computer programming and applications related to phase balancing, periodic voltage and current surveys, application and use of various protective equipment and voltage control techniques and proper line extension planning and layout work. 
  • Requires proficiency in English to prepare correspondence and technical reports and to deal effectively with others while handling bill and voltage complaints and enquiries. 
  • Requires excellent interpersonal skills, communication and customer relation skills to interact effectively with co-workers, internal and external contacts. 
  • Requires demonstrated problem solving skills with emphasis to thoroughness and attention to detail. 
  • Grade 12 or equivalent education plus additional intermediate courses required 
  • Civil or Electrical Technician or Technologist degrees preferred 
  • Typically requires a period of over four years' experience as an ADET Trainee or equivalent   

Why choose a career as an ADET with Hydro One? 

The ADET role at Hydro One requires a diverse skill set which involves a split of work from the office and work from the field. Hydro One offers: 

  • Industry leading salary, pension plan, life insurance and health benefits (prescription drugs, dental, vision and hearing coverage)  
  • Access to internal and external learning and professional development programs   
  • Paid overtime at 2.0x base salary   
  • Paid vacation, leave top up, and paid sick leave  
  • Allowances for tools, safety clothing and safety boots  
  • Power Worker Union (PWU) Represented position 

How to Apply:

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