Utility Operator (apprentice)

Utilities Kingston
Kingston, Ontario

Posted On: March 14, 2023
Last Day to Apply: March 27, 2023

Job Title:

Utility Operator (apprentice)






March 13, 2023

Pay Rate Range:



March 27, 2023

Position Details:

Regular, Full-time (40 hrs/week)


IBEW Union

Job Summary 

As an Apprentice System Operator, you will participate in a recognized program to become a certified System Operator. During this time, under the direction of a System Operator Journeyperson you will monitor the SCADA and Outage Management systems, and respond to distribution system events for Electric, water, wastewater, and gas utilities. You will analyze data and direct field crews, ensuring the safety of personnel, safeguarding distribution system equipment and minimizing the duration and effect of distribution system disturbances as you complete the necessary courses to qualify as a Journeyperson. 


The essential responsibilities of a System Operator include but are not necessarily restricted to the following:

  • Continuously monitor the distribution system via SCADA, Outage Management System, or other supervisory systems.
  • Analyze all available data to maintain distribution systems integrity and operation within normal parameters.
  • React to distribution systems disturbances for Electric, Gas, Water, & wastewater to minimize potential hazards to Utilities Kingston personnel and the public, minimizing the duration of system outages, and to safeguard distribution system equipment.
  • Responsible for directing all field personnel activity related to System Controlled devices during normal and abnormal conditions.
  • Prioritize restoration of services with respect to minimizing interruption duration. In the event of large-scale interruptions, the System Operator is responsible for determining restoration priorities and taking appropriate action.
  • Ensure prompt accurate assessment and reaction to emergency conditions, possibly involving life-threatening situations.
  • Contact On-Call staff to respond to abnormal or emergency situations.
  • Direct all switching procedures.
  • Directly answer specific customer inquiries and concerns during business and non-business hours.
  • Review the electrical & gas distribution system with crews and Supervisors for work protection requests.
  • Prioritize and, if necessary, reschedule workload as conditions change.
  • Provide work and equipment protection for both emergency and non-emergency conditions, using either electronic or manual “hard copy” documents.
  • Create and check all “Orders to Operate” and “Work Protection” documents and issue to the proper work groups, be it Utilities Kingston personnel or a contracting group for both emergency and non-emergency conditions.
  • Ensure field crew and System Operations compliance with the “Utility Work Protection Code”.
  • Monitor and correct loading trends to respect equipment ratings and limits.
  • Maintain a record log of System Office activities.
  • Communicate with Engineering, and field personnel to maintain current and accurate Operating maps and drawings.
  • Communicate directly with Hydro One, Electrical Safety Authority, and the Trans Canada (TC Energy) as required by industry regulation and protocol.
  • Train System Office personnel and others as required.
  • Assist with queries from other divisions inside or outside of the organization
  • Maintain a level of technical competency to use different computer and software applications confidently.
  • Communicate distribution system equipment deficiencies appropriately to initiate and expedite repairs.
  • Reporting/communication of system events and interruptions accordingly (written and/or verbally).
  • Communicate “System Outage Updates” to Utilities Kingston management, Communications personnel, Police, and Fire Department representatives.
  • Issue and record temporary nomenclature in the electrical & gas systems and maintain accurate records.
  • Respond accordingly to any alarms coming in on the SCADA system, or other supervisory systems.
  • Identify interruption areas and update internal and customer notification systems including the Utilities Kingston website Outage Map. Update and maintain system contingency plans.
  • Performs other related duties as required.  

Education, Licences/Certification and Other Qualifications Required 

  • Minimum two-year diploma from an accredited community college specializing in a technical field, certified Journeyperson Electrical Distribution Operator or, have the ability to follow through to the successful completion of a 4-year, 8000hrs apprenticeship.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to prioritize and multi-task effectively, resourceful, motivated. Intermediate mathematical skills. Teamwork skills, initiative, reliability, good judgment and ability to make accurate and timely decisions under stressful conditions and/or emergencies. 

The following items will be considered an asset:

  • Knowledge of regulations, rules and procedures related to the safe operation and maintenance of electric, gas, water, wastewater systems, including training on the Electrical Safety Rule Book and the Utility Work Protection Code.
  • Working knowledge of ESRI GIS Systems or ESRI products, SCADA, and/or OMS Systems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with excellent customer service skills. 

Additional Requirements

  • Valid driver’s license - Class G
    • On call on rotational basis
    • Successful completion of the System Operator apprenticeship training program
    • Proficiency in English, both oral and written
    • A criminal record check satisfactory to Utilities Kingston at the successful candidate's own expense.
    • Provide proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

To apply, please visit https://utilitieskingston.com/Corporate/Careers

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